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Stress-free travel starts here with air travel tips, news and must-visit websites that will keep you relaxed every time you travel.

Stress-Free Travel

Travel is stressful; last year, for example, the Air Transport Association reported that more than 25 million passengers traveled on U.S. airlines during the Thanksgiving holiday season and travel industry experts predict that holiday travel this year will be even busier. View article

Avoiding Airplane Colds

Re-circulated airplane air makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to get sick from flying. However, there are things that you can do this winter to ensure that you arrive at your destination in fighting form.

Airline Meals

Increasingly, in-flight meals are as hard to come by as a comfortable seat. Know what in-flight fare is available before you depart. Better still, you can see what you’re likely to be eating on-board your flight by visiting, a website devoted to photos of airline meals.

And if those options don’t sound appealing, check out Joe Brancatelli’s list of best airport restaurants around the US. Grab a bite before you go if you happen to be passing through one of these airports.

Airplane Seating Maps

SeatGuru can save you from that non-reclining seat on just about any airline in the world. Visit SeatGuru to ensure that you’ve got the best seat for your holiday flight.

Airport Parking

Airport parking is always full during the holidays. Book early and save on guaranteed airport parking reservations with Park Ride Fly USA – and spare yourself from having to search for an airport parking spot on the day of departure.

Airport Security Q&A

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration wants to make airport security lines move as quickly as possible during the holiday travel season. You can do your part to keep the security lines moving by keeping up-to-date on TSA’s Traveler Information.

Getting Bumped

Nothing destroys holiday cheer like getting bumped from your flight. As airlines over-sell more of their flights, the frequency with which travelers are getting bumped is on the rise. However, getting bumped can be a good thing, if you know what to ask for.’s Budget Travel writer Mark Kahler offers tips on how to benefit from “overbooked flights”.

Flying with a Guide Dog

Learn the rules and regulations of flying with a guide dog.

Tips for Traveling Abroad

If your holiday travels are taking you oversees, be sure to review the U.S. Department of State’s Passport Tips.

Off-Season Travel

Find out why off-season travel is worth considering. Avoid the congestion, high prices and typical locations that usually accompany on season travel.

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